Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The pirates that wrote true History and not a myth

The first trial of thePirateBay came to the end.
this is the thanking letter of the pirate bay

Today was the last day of the (first?) trial against The Pirate Bay.

First let us pose a huge thnx to internets for all the tremendous support and help we have seen. We would like to thank you for the millions(sic!) of tweets, emails, songs, smiles, blog posts, judicial advices, videos, comments, torrents, articles, translations, services, ideas and love that has been produced around the spectrial.
This thank you goes out not only to all internets, but also to the cops, court house clerks, coffeeshop waiters, bank officials, average joes, kids, friends, adversaries etc. that has helped us along the way.
We would like to put out a special thank you to our busdrivers, putting up with our blatantly chaotic organisation.
Back to the trial. Yesterday the prosecution plead for banning the essence of the internets, the links. Today the defence responded claiming that services of this kind never can be illegal.
The sentence will not be presented until the 17th of April. While waiting for this big day, we in the Spectrial team already has started to plan what we’re going to perform to celebrate the victory of the internets.
We have already written history, actually more than once.
Now we are creating the future.


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