Monday, April 20, 2009

Think Twice

One of the last projects i have been working on was for the new record of Palov & Mishkin from Cast-a-blast. it was actually a collaboration project with Petros Aka Design Insane. When Blend approached us to design the cover, he only gave us a clue: "Tree". Me and Petros started to thing about trees and typography but we gave it up as soon after we started playing with the papers that we used for the sketches and we thought it would be a nice to create a tree made out of paper and photograph it. So the first results looked like this.We thought that this would bring an ecology feeling which was not in the brief, so i continued playing with the papers and i came to this idea and afterwords i added the typography.Palov & Mishkin Think Twice coverPetros on the other side used a brain vector with the typography in to it and came to this one.When Blend visited us back in the office to see the final layouts he could never figure out what we were up to 2 weeks working on his new cover. The final decision was the graphic version of the brain.