Monday, March 30, 2009

Tailored By Umbro England

Im a huge football fan and i have a small collection of football jerseys. Last saturday nIght Umbro released the new England football kit on the international friendly game of England vs Slovakia.
Umbro have been designs football kits for England for many years. The kit is full white more like the old style that England used to wear back in 1965 until 1970. The 3lion logo has been redesigned and the opposite team is now a part of the logo as is used to be in 50s.
Umbro also released the New ads presenting different cultures lifestyles wearing the new England jersey.

At Umbro's Flickr page you can find a huge collection of football kits that umbro has designed through the years, the history of Umbro, through the logos.
and a part of the football history, enjoy them all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Periodic Table of Adobe Shortcuts

The most of designers we use Adobe products and we love to use shortcuts, the design by vent created 3 unique Periodic posters of adobes shortcuts explore them all.
I love illustrator thats the reason present it first.
more from designbyvent

Friday, March 06, 2009

the official Objectified poster!

Michael C. Place and his studiomates at Build have come up with an awesome poster design for Objectified, featuring drawings of dozens of objects from designers in the film and more. The best part of the poster is the bottom row of images, which are the objects we used to actually make the film (genius idea, Michael!).

Looks like we’ll have to be patrolling the walls at South by Southwest again this time. 27″ x 39″, metallic silver and black, lithograph. They will be adding them to the shop soon.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The story of a bird that was created free and it was copyrighted

Ok Here we have a Artist by the name Patrick Fore who presents this wallpaper as his personal work, its really nice but...

Well lets take a minute that reminds me of something O yes its a personal experiment of a friend of mine Charis Tsevis he is the real designer of this artwork.
The original artist Charis Tsevis says: "Licensed under Creative Commons for NON commercial use only" and the Patrick Fore has this artwork as copyrighted? And gives its as his wallpaper created by him through his website?
And even more he publishes this work in other networks like Creative cmyk Well this is how things work! First we steal the work of an artist with Creative Commons and then we copyright it and we presented as our work. Ok! Im not a good designer, I’m trying to become one, but I will never present others peoples work as mine I will try to discover the way he works I think that when we are young designers it is ok to imitate others works. But after a while the designer will filter down the work that he sees and will create a new or fresh style
And as Picasso ones said
Bad artists copy. Good artists steal

Well Picasso did not say to copy other people work but the things that are given to us free from the nature.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The pirates that wrote true History and not a myth

The first trial of thePirateBay came to the end.
this is the thanking letter of the pirate bay

Today was the last day of the (first?) trial against The Pirate Bay.

First let us pose a huge thnx to internets for all the tremendous support and help we have seen. We would like to thank you for the millions(sic!) of tweets, emails, songs, smiles, blog posts, judicial advices, videos, comments, torrents, articles, translations, services, ideas and love that has been produced around the spectrial.
This thank you goes out not only to all internets, but also to the cops, court house clerks, coffeeshop waiters, bank officials, average joes, kids, friends, adversaries etc. that has helped us along the way.
We would like to put out a special thank you to our busdrivers, putting up with our blatantly chaotic organisation.
Back to the trial. Yesterday the prosecution plead for banning the essence of the internets, the links. Today the defence responded claiming that services of this kind never can be illegal.
The sentence will not be presented until the 17th of April. While waiting for this big day, we in the Spectrial team already has started to plan what we’re going to perform to celebrate the victory of the internets.
We have already written history, actually more than once.
Now we are creating the future.