Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First of all we think the world must be changed

…the challenge is to change the world!

My friends over the Indyvisuals design studio (they specialize in creating websites, online applications as well as flyers, posters and cds) with the very help of pSit, cast-a-blast, cynic design and alex k., will take part at this year’s Design Walk, im invited to participate on February 6-8 2009 in Athens.

Be around for more…!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Selected work of 2008

This is selected work that I created last year i hope you will enjoy them as i did.
Happy new Year

"As the world my eyes see"
"Satisfaction is the death of desire"
"You are a f*cking Pig"
"Red wall" illustration for Fault Magazine Uk
"Jusqu'ici tout va bien." in the memory of Alexis Grigoropoulos
til01"The Future is unwriten"

Thursday, January 01, 2009

10 best typeface design of 2008

The new year offers a pretext to reconsider all the creations carried out during the last year. Beautiful creations to tell the truth, in all the fields and in particular in that of typographical creation.
Rich and varied work, having each one their specificities, their functions and their styles. Original work which particularly allured me and I want to make you profit in this article.
Discover in the continuation, 10 creations typographical which held my attention this year 2008.

PF Centra Pro

The project of the Centro character began in 2005 by Central Serif then was packed for finally leading to three families of characters: the Central one, Central Serif and Central Slab. The award winning typeface of 2008 at the ED Awards.
An article on the making of of the project is available on the blog of the Parachute foundry which created this great typeface.
The making of PF Centro Pro
More on Centro serif
More on Centro sans
More on Centro slab

FF Netto

Created by Daniel Utz for the Font foundry Make, FF Netto wants to be minimalist: to remove any historical detail to preserve only the essential components.
A function thus, which has as an ambition to simplify the form for a better legibility of the characters.
Equipped with a series with pictograms and arrows, FF Netto is an ideal for the creation of descriptive.

SOHO Gothic

The series of pig iron and cast iron SOHO Gothic is the last stage of project SOHO, drawn by Sebastian Lester.
This family of character proposes seven different, Italic greases included/understood, and is distributed by the Monotype foundry.
For the people wishing to discover the Sebastian designer To ballast, a very good interview comes to be published on site I Coils Typography.


Resolutely contemporary, the family of Gloriola characters was created by the independent foundry Suitcase
A typography without sérif which proposes seven different greases, and which of course makes use of all the possibilities of OpenType by offering small capitals, bindings and a set of alternative styles.
A very beautiful font which was recognized like one of the most beautiful creation of the year 2008 by prestigious Type Director Club.


The Skolar was created to allow the publication of information educational goal in various languages. It was created by the Czech designer http://davi.cz " >David Březina and preceded this year of a ED Awards in the category “Prints Original”.
It offers in addition to its many glyphes a multitude of descriptive arrows.

Benton Modern Display

Inspired by Century Expanded of Morris Fuller Benton, the family of characters Benton Modern Display was drawn by Dyana Weissman and Richard Lipton for the foundry Font Office.
A colossal work created for a use in the press or the magazines, which is declined in 36 different styles.


One of my favorite and about which we already spoke here: Archer, by Hoefler & Brother-Jones.
A mécane full with charm which draws the best from the lesson of the past, but which is integrated perfectly into a contemporary creation.


Another creation of quality realized by the Czech foundry Suitcase: Katarine.
Taking as a starting point the structure of DIN or Trade Gothic, it is perfect for a use on a poster for example.
The Katarine offers it also a diversity of style, and even a play of alternative style.

Le Monde Without, Le Monde Mail & Le Monde Deliver

Not one, but three families of characters created by French Jean-François Porchez with whom I had discussed a few months ago.
Three families of characters which are followed but do not resemble and a multitude of styles provision. In short a gigantic work but the result is with the height!


The last family of character of this selection should not appear in it, since actually it was published the last year.
Nevertheless it is of a very complete and a great quality, which gives him all its place in this list.
Drawn by Dino Back Santos, Leitura is made up of 6 different alphabets: Leitura, Leitura Display, Leitura Headline, Leitura News, Leitura Without and Leitura Symbols.

A splendid work which was selected the year spent by Typographica like one of most beautiful the typographical creation of 2007.