Sunday, December 20, 2009

Myga logo design

Hi all. I know I haven't written an article for an long time. It has been pretty busy. One of the things that happened was the start of a collaboration with some other independent designers,under the name Indyvisuals. The Indyvisuals is a four member design band: Masterview, Design Insane, The Rut and me.
The latest project we have been working on is the branding of a live bar named
Μύγα, which means fly(the insect) in greek. The first brief we got was "We want a fly", so we tried to get more information we got "People don't like flies cos they come and bother you and flies spread deceases. And we want to open a bar that will have good music, good acts and it won't be low quality like the most of the clubs and bars in greece". So, we started working on flies. We worked on many ideas with various applications, flies on many surfaces, flies on records, with guitar picks, flies flying leaving traces, flies,flies,flies...

At one point we started working with an M and we tried to make a continuous one-stroke M which gave us the idea that it could look like a fly. And this actually led to the "winning" logo, not known at the time.

So we created the grid of the logo.

When the time came to meet with the client, we decided that we would present all the logos we designed, as we think it is good to show the ideas you have regardless of what you think the client might like or not. Because you never know.. We were surprised that they picked the logo we liked the most. After that we started working on the typography, we wanted to create a unique type to compliment the logo and not just use something common. Based on the logo we needed something geometric with straight lines and circles, we needed to create glyphs and we wrote the word μύγα with a marker a couple of times to see how the hand writing connects the letters.

Always we work the logos on white and black because that it is important to be able to communicate in neutral colors. When time came to pick colors, we first thought of the warning colors yellow and black but then decided we needed to soften them up a bit, so we used a hazy yellow and grey instead..

We also created a pattern based on the logo, to use on posters etc. We took inspiration from the arabic patterns and motifs.

This is the first promotion poster that we created for the bar.

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