Thursday, February 12, 2009

Design Walk 09 "First of all we think the world must changed"

Well i know it is thursday but still i try to find my after this years design walk. It was my first time to participate in this event comparing to the other 2 years that i was a vier.
In an earlier article i said a few things about the event, but now its the time to write the review.
For me it was 3 days full of fun with good friends and beers. / no beer no friends around.
For me the project was one great month hugging out with friends trying to find the brief of our project allot of chat in small bar called cazu drinking coffee and beers from Barack O'barman. When finally we got our ideas in a box we just couldn't close it and then there were popping out even more, better and worst, But what can you do with them? Thats a deferent story.
The 3 day of the main event I was at the office, with the other lads and chatting with people, designer architects, what ever can you imagine there were allot of fun in the crew. and people seemed to be enjoying it as much as we did, Saturday night the Dj of the crew Jeff & Blend from Cast a blast gave to the office a little Club mode with people dancing. after the party what? Well probably we went out for a drink You know after beers sure you need a drink to relax
Yes sure the 3rd day was so cool having interesting chats,
What was the damage? A nice project that we all enjoyed it, a great party, lots of friends new and old-ones and a lot of passion for the future to work harder.
At this point i would like to thank (for the first time) the crew
Petro aka design insane
Kosta aka design indyvisual
Xristos aka cynic desgin
Blend & Jeff form Cast A Blast
Giorgos S Vlahos
Psit, Nasso K and every one who gave the support so this project could be done.


tsevis said...

What I like mostly in your work is the positive energy that you re expressing. We need this positive feeling more than ever.

Stavros Til01 Georgakopoulos said...

Thanx Charis